Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blood is Thicker than Water: Epilogue


With the exception of poor Mr. Simpson, our adventures had a happy ending. Doyle returned to his life in London, and wrote a book about the death of the great detective under his pseudonym.

Juliet Armstrong returned to London herself some months later when Professor Broadstead arranged a scholarship for her in the naturalist division of her college. Our last letter from her was full of Latin descriptions that made Abby giggle with glee. We also receive frequent letters from Father Stewart, now back in Scotland, and Abby’s beau, Mr. Chip Hyland, who has come into quite a bit of money since oil was discovered on his ranch.

Mr. Forte became a press hero when our roles in averting the New Orleans disaster were discovered. He resumed his medicine show with fame as his partner, and, last we heard, was dealing with much success in the Midwest.

Abby and myself have moved onto another school, much closer to Abernathie. We are now fast friends because we are very important to each other. Our family is hale and hearty and full of love as it has never been. Soon I will be leaving Laura, Melrose, and Abby, to use some of my money to see the world, and live my fantasies as I never allowed myself to before. It took death to open my eyes to life.

So, gentle reader, I thank you for reading this memoir, and hope you find the account a credible one. Perhaps we can meet once again in the world of writing, and perhaps this memoir will reach out and touch future generations. I hope it does. My father believed that often through the most unusual adventures we discover the truth about the world, but most often we discover the truth about ourselves. I hope that your path to adventure leaves you with pleasant discovery.

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