Monday, July 6, 2009

Blood is Thicker than Water: Chase

“Boo,” said Marie LaVeau for effect.

"Don’t do that!” Forte yelled. He had jumped, but he was pleased Hyland had jumped higher. “What’d ya see up there?”

Marie LaVeau climbed down to the ground. “Shalimar has killed several during the ceremony. Abby will no doubt make an appearance soon if Aunt Polly and Andrew have not found her.”

“Should we take ‘em out and get Abby?” asked Forte.

“I think that’s our wisest course of action,” Marie answered. “We cannot allow this vampirism to spread. Are you prepared to do what you were hired for, Mr. Forte?”

“Lady, I was born ready.”

Then they heard the noises. A loud splashing broke the distant wailing. Vampires, a hunting pack, flew toward them, in hot pursuit of the two tired victims. Forte re-routed his gun and fired a wild shot. The undead swarmed toward Forte, Hyland, and LaVeau.

“Run!” Hyland yelled. One of the running victims stumbled and Hyland backed up to help her out of the muck.

“Thank you, Mr. Hyland,” Juliet puffed. Chip kept her in her arms and continued forward.

All five ran for their lives deeper into the swamp. Forte recognized Broadstead as the other victim, but did not feel this was the time to gloat out a greeting to his debate partner. In the distance, the group saw a small shack.

“That looks familiar!” said Juliet.

“We’ve run in a circle!” Broadstead huffed. “Curse this swamp! Quick! In there!”

The group reached the hut. Broadstead shoved Hyland and Juliet in. Marie and Forte quickly followed. Broadstead lost some skin as he pushed himself back through the whole in the wall. Hyland and Forte propped the loose boards back against the walls, and leaned against them.

“I am kind glad to see you again,” Forte said to Broadstead, “but did you have to bring your rowdy English friends to our party?”

“Are those some of your spirits, Forte?”

The wall lurched. Forte and Hyland pressed the boards back. “Why yes, Hamish. They are.”

“Well, shouldn’t you take care of them? Shouldn’t you be firing your gun or something?”

“That’s a mighty fine idea,” said Chip.

The walls of the shake crumbled into handfuls as the undead shredded them. Juliet screamed when a hand reached through a board in front of her. Marie LaVeau touched the hand, shocking it with her magic. It pulled back. Forte’s gun hummed to life.

The door burst open, and vampires poured in from all sides. Forte fired. The first monsters through the door exploded. Broadstead pushed Juliet on the floor to cover her from blood, guts, and other shrapnel. Hyland and LaVeau ducked. Forte was in his element, spraying vampires left and right as they exploded into greasy fireballs. When the smoke cleared, the five of them were safe. The stench of burning flesh was overwhelming, and they quickly left the disaster behind.

“I don’t suppose you’d be willing to concede a point?” Forte said, looking at Broadstead.


“The existence of the supernatural?”

Broadstead glanced back at the carnage and shivered slightly. “A small one,” he admitted sulkily.

Forte cackled with glee. “And remember, I have witnesses.”

They moved back into the swamp.


اري said...

I'd love to know more about the vampires...

Cat said...

Exciting stuff! I'm really enjoying the story:)